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Rainforest Schoolhouse is a Montessori-based Preschool, uniquely located in an old colonial-era building in the Central Regions of Singapore.


The School boosts ample outdoor space and is surrounded by lush greenery that the children will be enjoying assorted activities at. 

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Montessori is an education method that is characterized by hands-on learning, collaborative play, and self-directed activities for the learners. The learners are actively involved in concept formation by working with concrete materials that aid their cognitive abilities.


It encourages sensorial learning where all the senses are stimulated.


A Montessori class is characterized by low shelves, chairs, and tables in a spacious classroom that allows children to interact freely and work alone or in groups. There is a lot of practical work where learners actively explore various concepts taught in class.


The result is a holistic person that is nurtured in the program. The work of a Montessori teacher is to observe and attend to the learners' needs, capabilities, and interests.


This method is widely used for its immense impact on setting a formidable foundation for young minds.

Cohesive Family

The programs in our school aims to build stronger relationships and bonds between children and their parents. Some of the activities that are held includes fishing and team-building activities among the families during Family-oriented Days.


The activities provide the children with an opportunity to bond with their parents and share issues that affect them.

Multicultural Environment

Multicultural/ International environment identifies with our learning institution.


Our learners are from all backgrounds globally being in the multi-cultural Singapore. Our school has some unique strengths where various programs are tailor-made to learn multiple cultures and increase harmonious living amongst learners.

Inclusive Community

Singapore’s population is diverse in a multitude of ways—ethnicity, religious beliefs, social status, and language.


The framing values of the country emphasize respect for individuals, support across the community, consensus, and harmony. Racial and religious harmony is the result of continuing efforts by the government, community organizations, and citizens.

Our Talented Students