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Montessori Lesson

One of the significant elements of a Montessori lesson is the Montessori practical life exercises that are similar to activities of daily life. These activities that are enshrined in our program and mold children to live a life of purpose, well-coordinated, independent, and adaptive to the society's way of life. Some of these activities include self-care and cleaning, among numerous others.

There are also sensorial exercises that stimulate the learners' senses. The program allows learners to interact with many sensorial materials during the classroom activities. These activities stimulate the senses and the awareness of the environment.

Montessori language also spices the learning environment for young learners. The Montessori language allows the learners to build their voice. The intricacies of spoken and written language are learned through the Montessori language materials that are abundant in our program, such as metal insets and rhyme cards, among others. There are a host of activities in our program that empowers these learners to master both spoken and written language.

Montessori mathematics is a hallmark of a Montessori lesson that builds the foundation for the love of mathematics. The practical life activities and the sensorial program are ideal for setting the stage for a strong mathematics foundation. Our Montessori program offers these activities for the children to master mathematics concepts.

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