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Thematic Lesson

Montessori is synonymous with cultural subjects entailing nature, zoology, and geography, among others. These themes are amazing and fun to the learners as it brings them closer to their environment. These thematic concepts are organized throughout the session, and learners are exposed to the real world of these themes.

There are speech and drama classes for our learners that aid in developing their communication skills. These classes are uniquely and superbly organized by our professional teachers to create both the preliteracy and language skills of the preschoolers. Speech and drama are great and fun activities for children as they learn various themes.

The themes learned in our Montessori program also nurture character building. Students learn values in society and how to be responsible through the various activities offered. According to the Montessori philosophy, practical life activities are ideal for shaping a child's character. One in mind is the cooking class that is part of the Montessori curriculum. These activities are not only fun but educative as children learn various concepts as well as cooking skills. It is our joy to see learners accomplish tasks, and cooking is just but one of them. Besides, there is an opportunity to learn a foreign language such as Chinese. Our international school makes this cultural fusion possible as the institution has native Chinese speakers that aid in learning the language.

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