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Our Campus

Rainforest Schoolhouse is unique not only because of their all-rounded program but also of its one-of-a-kind location in a serene and prestigious neighborhood of Novena in Central Singapore. The campus is made up of a group of colonial bungalows that have a rich history of the British presence in Singapore back in the period of British rule that spanned from the early 19th century to WWII. The proliferation and the popularization of the bungalows heralded a new architectural dawn for houses in Singapore. 


The buildings is designed with ‘black and white’ color that makes it resistant to fading due to corrosion and local tropical weather climate. Such houses typically have a pitched roof with wide overhanging eaves due to the rainy tropical condition, and the high roof also allows for good ventilation that draws in cooling air. The ground floor is generally open and spacious, often tiled for coolness. With the advantages of it’s original design, Rainforest Schoolhouse also benefits from the great grass plains surrounding the school, that is also another distinctive of our school campus. With a few touches of different colors and  great natural landscape of the school, it promotes the intergration of the natural habitat into the school environment, allowing the children to have a unparalleled experience on our school campus. 

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