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Outdoor Activity

Our institution offers quality outdoor activities to develop the learners holistically. One of them is the in-house playground. It makes children express themselves naturally and feel as if they are in paradise as they adventure. Our program offers well designed, spacious rooms with a variety of materials for learners to engage in playful and learning activities.

There is also a professional soccer coach that works with the learners to nurture their soccer talents. Soccer also provides children with other benefits, like making friends and developing their self-esteem.

There are also plenty of opportunities for water play activities. We firmly believe that water play enhances the development of learners. All these activities, such as scrubbing, measuring, pouring, and weighing, among others, develop their fine-motor and gross-motor skills. Water play is also an essential sensory learning activity as they use all their senses to engage in activities.

Our institution believes in out-of-class experiences for our learners through well-organized field trips. The monotony of the school environment can bring in boredom to some learners. Therefore, a field trip offers a relaxation moment and exposure to various life lessons. It gives learners insights about the world out there. It is vital to understand that some children may not be good in class but have potential talents in outdoor activities. We believe that we are nurturing future sportsmen and women that will inspire the world.

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